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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
This year has been nothing but trouble and pain for me and my friends. But hopefully it'll get better. This post is for all my friends who have been through deaths in the family (ALOT).

It still hurts to look at your photo. And I'm sure it will for a really long time. Someday it'll get better and I'll look back on this and smile. Although your gone now, I can still feel you beside me. Watching over me, helping me, teaching me and smiling down on me. All the small things I made so huge now seem small and insignificant. And I can still hear your voice sometimes. It echoes in the wind and when I cry for you, I can almost feel your hand on my shoulder, telling me to stop crying. People keep saying your in a better place, and even though I know that, I can't stop the pain and tears. You may be happier, but I'm sad because your not happy with me anymore. So, patiently I'll wait. For that day I can see you again and we can all be together again.

Just 3 minutes ago I heard from a friend that her grand aunt died. And 30 seconds ago, I heard her friend's mother died. This is for you guys!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008
Yea you!
What do you do when you ALWAYS feel bad because your friend is totally gawcuss, fabulous and perfect? She always knows exactly how to make you feel horrible abt yourself and can crush your confidence as if it were a bug on her windshield. She's the princess of everything and ppl worship her because she has this perfect aura. She radiates confidence, ozzes perfection, drips beauty and reaks glam. You hate her, love her and envy her. She isn't always mean but the fact that she's almost perfect makes it sound mean. She probably knows she has this great talent and loves to use it to hurt and torture. Ppl both love and hate being around her. You can feel her shine and greatness while next to her but you also feel totally insecure and horrible abt yourself. She's the luckiest girl in your world and she's your idol, inspiration and enemy.
Girls lyk that are all alike, unfortunatly, they seem to be everyone except you.

Hahaha. Normal ppl won't get that.....
Your such a good friend when u pay attention!! Hahaha. But when u are, u make us all forget that we were mad at you. Your advice always helps and it always makes perfect sense. That's all we want to pls understand. But since this is supposed 2 b abt how great u are, I'll continue. Some ppl who don't know u will say things abt you but we'll always have ur back and would love to punch ppl lyk dat. We've grown to lurve you lyk a sister and to tell the truth,
we never would have if we hadn't gotten to know u.
Does that even make sense?
Hahaha. Anyway, u always keep us positive and are never out of second chances.
Lurve you!

Saturday, January 26, 2008
I really can't stand ppl who have problems with speakin their mind to ppl.
I mean
if what ur saying come from the heart and out of love, she'll understand
N if they don't, then they ain't a real friend. It's thier problem. This is for a very good friend who is havin issues with her friend and is afraid of telling her something. Really girl, we'll all back you, so no worries. And she's ur friend, she'll understand. I'm trying to help you so take my advice, she'll take it as the good 
friend she is. N if she does get pissed abt it, I'm sure u'll work it out
as friends

Okay, a lil bit more info on me. I LURVE pink, Vanilla Ice Blendeds, my cell phone, magazines and Ashley Tisdale. But not in a freaky way! Just a fan or idol kinda way. I mean she is totally fabulous! You can't deny she has that quality. But I totally hate the gloomies, no allowance, homework, ppl who seek attention so bad they do stupid things and ppl who bug me. But don't we all hate ppl like that. I'm also a very jealous person at heart so I get jealous of ppl REAL easily. I can name a few but I won't. But it really depends on my moods. If I'm in my power mood, no1 can crush me but if I'm in a depressed mood, I can get jealous or envious of anyone! Even horrible bitches who do nth but seek attention. Oops, gtg. Going shoppin! Ta, babies! ♥♥♥

Friday, January 25, 2008
All these problems, they burn in my heart,
Espescially the one's that have yet to start.
Many things are running through my mind,
All leaving cuts, one at a time.
People don't realize, how their words hurt,
Or how they can trample us into the dirt.
Their words are like poison, painful and sharp,
Each linking together, like a horrible work of art.
I'm sure they don't mean to stab me inside,
But they would see it, if they looked into my eyes.
The skip in my walk, is no longer there,
The whip in my words, is gone with a flare.
And although my smile still has it's bloom,
You don't know what happens, when I'm in my room.
This poem is not a cry for help,
It is merely a diary of how I felt.

And someone once said, never regret,
What once made you laugh, and yet,
Somehow my heart, can't bring me to smile.
But as for now, I'll wait for a while.
And when you look over your shoulder, I'll be there,
Not out of guilt, but because I still care


Well, not yet actually. I just woke up and I'm goin to school to face my stupid ex captain and the ex captain of Green Hse. I cannot wait to see them! Yea right, I just want to punch their lights out. And I just loved how they had to wait till there was hardly anyone in the class before going off at me.
SOOO brave right?
Whatever, couldn't care less now. Since they had to use that 'this is Malaysia not America' line, I'll do it the American Cheer Captain way.
I'll be a bitch

Thursday, January 24, 2008
                                                             Okay, now I'm pissed
I get SOOOO pissed when ppl come up to me and tell me
                                                            how to do my freaking job
You come up to me and start hurling insults and pointing fingers, I swear I'll fight right back! I         mean if You're gonna blame me and tell me how bad I am, why do it infront of my own 
                                      cheerleaders. I used to look up to the both of you because
                                      you're more experienced and know more about this stuff.
                                                          obviously, I let you go to far
                                           I let you HELP, not boss me around lyk your slave
     N who the hell are you to tel me what I can and cannot tell my cheerleaders? You aren't my                          captain anymore and you have been my enemy since I was 13??
  You've been pushing and pushing me, trying to get me to snap so I've got 3 words,
BrIng It BiTcH! ­


Wednesday, January 23, 2008
                                             Issues with friends are bad, but did I really need
                              to have issues with you? I know you probably don't know why I'm pissed
                                        But please understand, I don't want to be cold but you need
                           to see me again You forget that I still need your advice and attention
                                   But if you still don't change, maybe becoming your godsister
                          was a mistake. I'm obviously not as important as she is but really,
                             With half the attention she get's, I'd be happy. How can I be your
                            lilsis if
you don't even treat me as a friend? Maybe if we just stopped
                   being friends totally, I won't be so attention-hungry. I'm a naturally jealous person so
                      if that's a problem for you, leave. All your friends are feeling this, they all
           say you've changed and are giving her all the attention you used to give us.
You don't
             listen anymore
. We talk to you, she shows up, starts talking, we leave, you don't
                  see it. So, I'm saying this out of sister-ly love and friendship, please, notice again.
You don't care anymore.

                                                        Not Really
I'm just a 'normal' 16 year old American girl living in Malaysia.
                                         Here's a few ideas abt my attitude...






  - -¤--^]PiNk~Is~LiFe[^--¤- -

Did you get that? Hahaha. So that pretty much sums it
                                       up for now. You'll learn more as you read on
                            I suppose. I warn you my life ain't no walk in the park and I have
                                    problems at times and can get quite irritating. If you
                                               can handle me then, GO YOU!