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Sunday, June 29, 2008
We decided to camera whore

we're movin on up

we're the one's behind the window


we heart will smith

we heart this rock

we heart each other
see ya next year!!!!!

x0x0, C.L.A.Y

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Thank goodness 4 that
Scavenger Hunt today babies!!!

Sweet 16 babe!!
I'm going for the Avril concert in August
Should be funn
I'm sittin in my room waiting to go for scavenger hunt
I woke up at 6.30 a.m. because I couldn't sleep
So now I have nothing to do...
brilliant of me, huh?
I'll just go watch 
Sex and The City again
yea, I'm addicted. 

f.y.i. It's not wrong
x0x0, L 

Friday, June 27, 2008
Tomorrow is Scavenger Hunt
Expect tons of pics

Aisyah is going to Sarawak today
I'm gonna miss u!!!
But she'll be back on Sunday...
I'm also in the middle of writing a new story called
The Life Story Of A Generation
Different chapters tell different stories about different teenagers
I hope it'll turn out well
I have to wake up at 7.30 a.m. tomorrow to wash my hair...
Mimi got super pissed at some girls in my class today
N I don't blame her
Some ppl they let into these schools are just insane
I really can't wait to hang out with Lydia, Jax n Wen Lin
After scavenger hunt tomorrow
DP and MP shall be taken over by the youth of
Super excited about that.
Dad's giving me money to have some fun with my girls so
Thx, dad

f.y.i Now that it's over, it never happened.
x0x0, L

Thursday, June 26, 2008
No, not for you
For all my friends

Please don't misunderstand,
I'm not inlove with these girls
I just love them like the sisters I never had
The things I've done in the past to some of them
Was really stupid and unfair
So now I'm putting it right
Smart, not really
The right thing to do, yes
Of course, there are some things, I'll never put right
Just because I don't see the need too

f.y.i. I LOVE you, Jax, Wen Lin, Aisyah, Asha, Stef, 
Aien, Bhakti, Bonnie, Krystyn, Saiful, Khadijah,
Andrea, Li Hui, Rowena, Lucia n everyone else!

x0x0, L

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still sweet, not so little

My other sweet lil g.s.

My sweet lil g.s.

C.L.A.Y. Water Day 2008

x0x0, everyone I know

Thank goodness
Yup, it's working again!!!

Today was a good day so far.
I spend entirely to much time in hair salons
But they're addictive
I went back to my fav hairstylist
N went a tad lighter on my highlights
I also recut my fringe so that it didn't get in my eyes
Anyone who truely knows me knows that I
the Jonas Brothers
hot hot HOT
They're newest song
Burning up
Is SOO great
And Nick's new haircut is totally perfect
I have double accounts tomorrow
not really looking forward to that but I also have
Double english which is by far my fav subject

f.y.i I'm going to add some pics for all to see!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008
I'm not the type to wait around
Get that right

Something I realized today...
I really don't need you to live
I did fine before you
N I'll be great without you
It's not about her
It's not about me
It's about you
How do you expect to be with someone
While you still love someone else
Learn to treat girls right
We ain't you toys
We aren't going to sit around and wait for you to
Get over her

f.y.i We have a life too
x0x0, L

Saturday, June 21, 2008
Yup, it's not working again
Seriously, this is gettin old

I just watched Sex And The City again
I am inlove with that movie
Sure, it can be totally gross during some parts,
But it has such a great story line
And I can't help but grin at the end of it
Such a great ending
It even cheered me up after what had happened tonight
Which took alot

Do you ever have those days where you look at your life
Think about your friends
And feel so great about everythihng that's happening?
Well, I'm having one of those moments right now.
Maybe it's the song I'm listening to...
You should hear it sometime...
It's called
All Dressed Up In Love
Jennifer Hudson
But I'm feeling it more for my friends n
Maybe I'm being stupid
But hey, I'm allowed to have my moments of happiness too

f.y.i. Everything that has happened to me
It's taught me something
x0x0, L

First time in a while
Maybe it's the SUPREME BORDEM

I've decided that since my dog can't give me puppies
I'll buy my own!
I'm going to go out later n get a freakin puppy
I've been waiting for too long
I've got church today at 4

Have a great one
Yup, my precious lil bro is turning 15
awww...so cute
He's gonna hate me for this
Can't wait to get my new phone
Khadijah got her results yesturday and failed 4 subjects
And she's taking her SMP this year!!!!!!
But u know what her mother did?
She yelled at the teacher and bought Khadijah a new phone...
WTF right???
SOOO unfair
My parent teacher meeting well great
I went to catch Get Smart with my parents after
Then to the gym
It's all good
N don't worry, I'll find someone to hang with today

f.y.i My bordem doesn't last long
x0x0, L

Friday, June 20, 2008
Yay!! Blogger is back to normal
Now, for the bad news...

My dog had her pup
There are more but they're still inside...
It's been 12 hours since the first came out.
And it's dead
I'm extreamly worried so
me and my parents are takin her to the vet today
In other news...
I've recently become horribly obsessed with horoscopes
Don't know why
Printer's working again and I'm so happy
I can finnaly begin to waste good ink again!!!
There's a parent-teacher meeting at school today n no
I'm not worried
Just saw the Sex & the City movie and it totally rocks
I heart Carrie Bradshaws closet!!!!!!!
After pickin up my report card today I'll be headin to the gym
I know...sounds SOO fun right??

f.y.i. Like I care

x0x0, L

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Who knew??
I can actually enjoy school

Life's so much better when everyone seems to be
on your side
Plesant feeling isn't it?
I finished my pesky folio today
Such a relief
I photocopied my lost accounts book
I printed the pictures for my report
I actually wrote the freakin report
And I managed to exercise and read my book too!!!
Yea, I can multitask
Something's up with my Create Post thing
I can't change the font or colour the words
That's why this blog post looks so freakin weird
Whatever, it's just a post
School was okay today
I enjoyed sitting infront and actually listening
for once
Unfortunately, my life with cash,
isn't so pretty...
Not only do I owe my parents RM50
But I also have to save up for Wen Lin's Bday presie
Buy a new purse
Buy new liquid paper
And buy Garrett's Bday present...
It's this Saturday...
I'm screwed...
I talked to my 'friend' today
Yea, the one I was talking abt in the previous post.

f.y.i. It worked great!
x0x0, L

Monday, June 16, 2008
Yea, I read them
Suprisingly accurate

Being as how I was born at midnight on 22 Sep
Technically it's supposed to be the 23rd
But I can still pick between being a Virgo or Libra...
So I read both and pick my favourite...
Stupid, I know
Today, one said that I'd be really busy...
The other said....smt
But whatever it was, it was extreamly
my friendster horoscope said to tell someone what I think of them
I considered a few different ppl
Some were to mean to write...
N some would probably wound kinda weird
So I decided to pick one I wrote for...a friend...

Yea, we haven't always gotten along
N yea, we used to argue so much we would cry all night
But lately, I've realized that u were a great friend
And I didn't appretiate it
I'm sorry for accusing u of so many things
And I'm sorry for being a backstabber.
But I hope we can put all this behind us and start over
Some of the actions I made that night was out of anger
I wasn't thinkin before I did it
So, I'm pretty sure you don't read my blog but if you do...
I want us to go back to the way we were


f.y.i. When I said everything, I meant being closer than friends
almost like
x0x0, L

Sunday, June 15, 2008
Moi, Lydia n Jax
Jax, me n Wen Lin!!!
f.y.i They rock
x0x0, L

Yay me
Okay, that's enough of that

Today was totally fun.
I hung out with the fun ppl in church
Going shopping later with my mom and dad
Happy Fathers Day!!!
I know, I'm random
If all of you will check my friendster u might notice smt different
If you can actually spot it...
go u
Can't wait for Scavenger Hunt next next week
Shud be fun...
Of course, with the hols just over...
I can't wait for the
2 month hols!!!!
OMG!!! Just thinkin of the stuff I'm gonna do with ma friends
We're gonna go insane...
Being as how it'll be our last year in High School next year
And we have lyk, the biggest exam of
our lives
So we wanna relax and go wild..

Don't go thinkin dirty things...

f.y.i. Think...roadtrips and singapore...
x0x0, L

Saturday, June 14, 2008
Cuz u just might
get it

Addicted to this new song
When I Grow Up
Pussycat Dolls

It's sooo great
Nth much happened today
Went to church but nth much happened...
For those who know me...
U'll get that...
Can't wait for the birth of Camille's puppies...
Hahahahaha. I named them while I wuz high
Nvm, I'll let u know what they're names are when they arrive

f.y.i. They all have 3 names...
x0x0, L

You could be wrong..
N look like an idiot
Okay....now ur just being stupid
Pls....I'm begging u
With all that I have
She's done with you
Get over it and move on!
I like her...she's nice
And I care abt u lyk a big sis
But in this case...both of you are
Just end it once and for all and stop pretending to
It's hurting both of u sooo much
Not to mention it's pissin me off
When she's with me, u won't stop msgin me
tellin me to tell her stuff
tellin me to send her money
tellin me to call her for u
tellin me to lend her my phone to use for
4 hours
I'm done helpin u
this is my plea to u
get over it
f.y.i. It's not cute anymore
Just freaky
x0x0, L

Friday, June 13, 2008
Yea, u haven't sucessfully ruined it yet
Why don't u bitch about it?

Went to MP today wit Lucia
Saw an old friend
Kinda awkward but whatever
I'm presently in posession on Jazel's camera...
having loads of fun wit it....
Also feeling kinda weird abt something
ppl are SO busy now...
something's changed...
Oh well, dealing!!!
Going shopping AGAIN tomorrow
Buying some hairbands...
Went to see a movie today and went bowling...
Had sooo much fun with Aien n her 'gang'
Looking forward to youth tomorrow

f.y.i. Yea yea, I know I'm not thin
don't rub it in my face

x0x0, L

Thursday, June 12, 2008
No, I'm not on drugs
Just a few little things I can't live without

Cell phone
odm watch
Mom's advice
Lip Gloss
last but not least

being myself

f.y.i. I really don't care if that's hell for u
x0x0, L

Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Nothing will change
I promise

Mid terms were awsome
But what does one do about the results
That one doesn't like?
One crash studies for the next exam
And totally blow thier tiny little brains
Sometimes my competitive side can get the best of me
But it keeps me alert
Can't be to careful in a school full of smart-ass bitches
Yea, IJC is the top school in the state
Not all of them are horrible though
There are a few that are smart and nice...
unfortunately, they're rare
Went to the gym after school today
3 hours....
Looking forward to relaxing in my room tonight with
Comfy pillows
Cool airconditioner

Gossip Girl reruns via computer
Can't wait!

f.y.i. Her advice rocks
x0x0, L

Monday, June 9, 2008
Go ahead
I dare you

First day of school!!!
Totally awsome!
I missed my friends SOOOO much!!!
Results, not that bad.
Stayin back with Aishi tomorrow.
Should be funn!!
Gar is still havin gal problems and I really dunno how to help him
Poor boy's lost it
I just wish he'd not let it effect
Oh well, nth much I can do
I'm just his big sis
All other friends are thier usual
fabulous selves

f.y.i. they didn't appretiate that
x0x0, L

Sunday, June 8, 2008
We are wild, we are free
we are more than you think, so call us freaks
But that's just the way we roll

School is starting in an hour.
This was by far the best holiday I've had yet
I learned not to judge ppl
I learned to forgive ppl
I learned to give credit for every little thing they do
I've leaved the value of not being emo
I just hope I can pass it on to my friends
I'm so happy that I got to really enjoy these holidays
And I'm so happy to be going back to school
I've missed my usual friends
I plan on going back, a lil bit more mature
But not that mature
I'm still 16 and I'm still irresponsible

f.y.i. N that's just the way I roll
x0x0, L 

Everyone is feeling it
And so am I

I'm so proud of all my ladies
Props gals!
They all had a fabulous holiday
and I think we all learned something
I'm in a really great place in my life right now
It's nice to have so many friends I know I lurve
One day, I'm planning on setting up a lil photoshoot
For me and all my closest BFFs
Should be awsome

f.y.i When it comes to friends
I lurve all of them...even the idiots. Lol.

x0x0, L

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Just got home from a fun night out
wit a few friends
awsome time
I wasn't even emo!
It was the highlight of everyone's night
There's been a rumor going around church lately
and I just found out
everyone knows...
Oh well, I don't care.
It's not like it's a lie anyway
I'm worried about going to school on Monday but I'm happy
that Stef is coming home tomorrow
After spending so much time with the C.L.A.Y
I'm gonna miss them so much when I can only see them
once a week!!!
OMG I'm soooo gonna miss them
Some ppl are telling me now that I've gone back
to some older friends
that I'm becoming the girl I was back then
but I don't believe it because I know who I am
And I'm not gonna let my friends change that
Going shopping with mom tomorrow and I can't wait
Finally some free time with family!!

f.y.i I'm not available anymore
x0x0, L

Wen Lin is here with me today
first time I'm typing my blog with someone

We're hanging out in my room
chillin to Avril's Hot
Cool song
Going to Jusco soon for Jax's presie
Looking forward to buying cakes!!!
Ppl have been complainin that I don't have any pics of
at church camp
but I was behind the camera!!!
I prefer the pics of them
Found the cell phone I was looking for
Not too hi-tech for me
But can still get the job done
The Nokia 5610 xpress music
Totally haute now
Wen Lin got her phone so I'm so happy for her
About time too!!!

f.y.i. Sometimes, your dreams can come true
when you least expect it

x0x0, L

Friday, June 6, 2008
they say it comes and goes
but mine comes right back

After church camp
I think we all feel this weird connection and we miss hanging out
at least, I do
I've started chillin with Lydia, Wen Lin, Joanna, Jazel and Sharon again
and it feels awsome
I totally forgot how much we really have in common
I've really missed having them as friends
So we've decided to try to rebuild our friendships
I can't wait
Wuz recently reading the blogs of some ppl and I had fun
thier lives are like some bad drama series

f.y.i. I pity u
x0x0, L

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


x0x0, C.L.A.Y

totally rocked
enuf said

Stayed up till like 3 a.m. with my friends every night
Hung at the beach as often as possible
Got in trouble for breakin curfew
by 4 hours
Sang like crazy
Bonded with old friends
Watched the sun rise and set
And had a blast

Overall, I had fun

p.s. yea, I didn't reveal much. Sad huh?
x0x0, L