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Sunday, October 5, 2008
Hello blog darlings.
I have now had this blog for 10 months
I have reread all my older posts
It really made me see how much I've grown as a person
You may not agree but I don't care
I went through it
I had to feel it
not you
So I felt that I needed to close this chapter of my life
and start a newer
more LEAH blog
Enough with the multiple personalities
I have found more of myself
And I don't have the inspiration to continue this blog
Corny I know
And to all my loyal readers...
thank you so much for caring enough to read
I appretiate it
And I realize that there may only be one person to read this
And you might be laughin that I address even one person
as 'loyal readers'
but hey, you're reading too
Here's my newest blog..


Thanks so much for being part of my life
and if you got mentioned in one of my posts
good or bad
at least you were noticed and you made an impact in my life

so, for the last time here

x0x0, L