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Thursday, July 31, 2008
Phoenix rocked the floor
It's moments like these I'll never forget

Once again, my cheerleaders proved
they are absolutely awsome together
Great job gals
So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so
so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so

Candid moments

So tired after performing

Camera-whores, we are

Bang bang, chu chu bang, let me see you do your thang!

Ohh the love!

Let's bond through cameras!!

Ohmigod!! Her boobs are being violated!!

Picture perfect moments

Phoenix forever

Let's give a big round of applause for
the two gals who made this


May I present, the state champions 2008

And I've got friends who love me
Blue skies all above me

Happy bday Aisyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We luv u so so so much
We're growing up, chica!
I'm so proud of everything we've been through.
Thx so much for being such a great friend and
always putting up with my crap

You rock babe
Never ever change

Gonna spread your wings
Sweet 16
It's your chance to shine
Sweet 16
Sweet 16
So much more to life
Sweet 16 

x0x0, L

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
Why is it that I can feel so alone
In a sea of people?

Because I'm different
I never know who's really my friend
Noone seems to understand me anymore
Everyone seems to think I'm always wrong
Everything I do is a stupid move
I overreact
I'm moody
And I'm dramatic

I just feel so bad
I have to keep my feelings from my best friends
& family
It hurts that noone gets me
And that if I say what's on my mind, I'll be critisized
I just don't think I should have to pretend
around the people I trust the most
But some of my feelings are just to hard to understand
They all judge me
They don't understand why it effects me

I just don't belong here anymore
x0x0, L

Sometimes, the smallest of gestures can prove
people aren't always how they seem

I went for the cheerleading competition
It totally rocked!
I was SOOOOOOOO proud of the girls
Blue hse
Green hse
Red hse
Yellow hse
Who the hell cares?
All that matters now is that we all understand each other
We must learn to respect the other teams
They did it for IJC
NOT blue hse
green hse
red hse
yellow hse
They combined to prove that they are ALL
talented beyond their years!
I am so proud to have been a part of cheerleading for 4/5 of my
high school years
We've been through so much
The goods
The bads
But in the end all that matters is the cheering
I'll never forget the moment they won
I wasn't part of the team
I didn't help at all
I had no right to be there
I had no right to be happy or relieved

But I was probably more proud
Than I'd ever been

Even more than when I was captain and we won
You know why?
Because they worked together
It was inspirational
You've come so far girls

Please, promise me you'll never turn back
or let it go back to being rivalry

Form 1~first place

Form 2~2nd place (Green hse deserved to win)

Form 3~1st place again

Form 4~1st Place (I was captain)

Phoenix forever

A few of the fab cheerleaders

Don't let them bring you down!

I am so proud of all of you. I'll support you through whatever
x0x0, Phoenix's no1 fan

Monday, July 28, 2008
Wow, I applaud your nerve
Now, for the stupidity of the choice...

Girl, learn some manners
You don't go around dating other girls' ex boyfriend
and then not tell them at all
I mean, if you had told me I wouldn't have cared...
But to just go behind my back like that?
That was low...even for you
Not to mention really

f.y.i. Watch your back
x0x0, L

Monday, July 21, 2008
Like, live for someone else for a while?

So, even though this 'thing' ended a while ago
I can't believe it's still nagging at me
But one thing I do know
Every time I consider takin ur sorry ass back,
My friends are right there to slap some sense into me
They don't like you all that much
Can't blame 'em either.
These little twinges of nausia otherwise known as,
come and go
But once I actually think about it
I have no idea why

f.y.i. Watch your back, sometimes just breaking up
isn't enough for me

x0x0, L

p.s. No, I don't love you. You'd better run too.
Cuz I'll take him out and his little whore too

A.K.A you

Sunday, July 20, 2008
Heath Ledger deserves that Oscar
His performance was incredible

Just saw the movie
Very very impressed
I don't usually watch Batman
But Heath Ledger made it a real movie
His acting gave the Joker a real personality
He made it seem like The Joker killed beacuse he had
nothing better to do that day
such a pity he had to die

It was a great movie to remember him by
x0x0, L

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today was a 'stay at home' day
I got so much done around the house.
It was a beautifully wet day and I loved it
Rain is my friend
There are many people I strongly dislike in my life
I won't name names
But I must admit
For every thing they've done to me
I've learned something
a lesson or something of the kind
And I believe it takes alot to be more
stubborn than me
And I salute them for standing up for themselves
These are the people I can respect
Not like
Not admire

x0x0, L

Thursday, July 10, 2008
Love's like a runway
But which one do I love more

Obviously shopping!!
I'm having a crap day...
But I still love it
Because it'll be the last bad day of the week!!!!!!!!
Tomorrow will be totally excellent!
Here's the plan
Go to MP till 5
Go to concert at 7
get home at probably 1 a.m.
That's just Friday
Saturday consists of...
Picking up B
Goin to the club for some much needed swimming
Goin shopping at MP and catching a movie
Go for youth
Have a long awaited 'girls night out'
Get home and probably not sleep at all
Go for Cheer 2008
Go shoppin at Pavillion
Stroll around KL like freaking royalty
Go back to Melaka and B goes home
Fun huh???
I lurve weekends like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dad bought me a new book yesturday,
How To Kill Your Husband
I am so in love with it
It is hillarious
I made shepard's pie for dinner tonight although I won't be eatin it
Has anyone heard Britney's new song?
It's the
absolutely fabulous
I jadore my nails nowadays
They're getting sssssssooooooooo long

f.y.i. I am soo freaking excited right now! I'm screaming!!!
x0x0, L

Wednesday, July 9, 2008
It's a well known fact that I adore Rihanna
I have yet to hear a song I hate

So far this week it's been total crap
I've had so much bad karma it's insane
Luckily, it'll all change when I go for the concert on Friday
Youth on Sat
And Louis Vuitton on Sun.
Hopefully it'll turn around.
Currently playing matchmaker for friends and lovin it
I see no need for a man at this time
Too much drama
Another thing that has been taking up my valuable thinking is

Yes, the question on which contenent to stay in
At first the plan was the US, then it changed to staying here
in KL
Now my parents want me to go to the US again...
I want to but I can't bear the thought of leaving
my friends and family behind.
I admit it would be loads of fun to be a normal american student
for once
And I'd love to be able to learn to blend in
But I'm worried.

f.y.i. the conflict has yet to end
x0x0, L

Monday, July 7, 2008
Gettin long...
Ah, the things I'll do for vanity.

Been having a great week so far...
So it's 6.17 a.m. on
But still, I've been really happy with certain things lately
This Sunday,
I'll be headin up to KL to catch Cheer 2008 and
my dahling parents have decided to give me
an early birthday treat...
louis vuitton
That's right
My parents are taking me on a spree at Pavillion
So naturally, a girl like moi does her research
I visited the LV site about 19 times in search of the
perfect handbag &
perfect wallet
I'm still narrowing it down but I have a few favs

The purple

The red

The classic


Moving on to wallets


The 'french' wallet

The red wallet (it comes in purple too)

There's a few others but u get the picture...
I just can't choose...
Anyway, I can't wait to go shopping!

f.y.i. It'a a right, not a privillage
x0x0, L

Thursday, July 3, 2008
Yea, it's fine
But it's the first

I refuse to take second place to anyone anymore
Espescially when I know I can do better but am
to lazy to try

f.y.i. Watch out Aisyah, I'm done playing dumb
x0x0, L

Wednesday, July 2, 2008
What can I do?
I have a passion for expensive toys

Everthing's been going downhill lately and I can't keep up
So many bad things happening
Sucks lyk hell
The only thing good happening is the fact I'm going to catch
Cheer 2008 on the 13th.
KL shopping here I come!!!!!
Can't wait
I just don't get it, after all this work I've been doing and
how I've tried so hard to put aside our differences
you'd think I'd deserve some good karma or something right?????

f.y.i. Nope, not getting ANY
x0x0, L

Life looks so much better
After a day at the spa

While at the Spa
I noticed the one woman who came in after parking her
7 series BMW
Who had a maid and a small child
A little boy
He was tres aborable!!!!!!!!
When I needed to hand my mother the keys to the locker
Through the door
I opened it slightly and he immediately pulled at the door abd said
"Close the door!! Shamefull!" in chinese
It was sooo cute
I literally almost melted
Discussed the problem abt Stef wit Asha and as usual
She made perfect sense while making me feel like a selfish
yay me...
So, I now know how to handle the situation
Got into in with Aisyah n Khadijah today
huge argument
A shall be eating lunch with different friends for a few weeks
Whatever, she was being a bitch anyway
Going to see Wanted this Saturday
Yes, I actually look old enough to get in
How cool
I'm also in charge of buying 5 tickets for other gals
I'll admit I was having an EMO moment at school today
Glass may look clear but you can't reach through it and
touch what ever's behind it

f.y.i. Congrats to all the prefects retiring this Friday!
x0x0, L

Why is after every week of perfect days,
Comes a total crap week?

So many things happening right now
Too many things to do
Too many ppl to deal with

Not to mention I've been reconsidering some things
Some of the ppl in my life are lying to me now
And I know what I have to do
But that's not always it, is it?
We may know what we have to do but it's
never easy
So I thave to think about what I'm gonna do
And how I'm supposed to get out of it
We're having some random dance thingie at school today
Looking forward to seeing all the girls get high and act like

f.y.i Everything u know is about to change
x0x0, L

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
I think it's about time everyone knew...
why it was so easy ditching you

Not admitting we're together...
Lying to people about us
Creeping around with 'her'
not changing ur status on friendster or facebook
Not saying anything to anyone about us
Your dirty mind
Never making up your mind
being such a
Going to fast
Takin advantage
Underestimating me

Thinking I'm actually stupid enuf to wait around
Being way too girly

N finally~ Now that's it's over, you don't even care.......
there's my proof

it's over
x0x0, L