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Saturday, May 31, 2008
life's what happens
when you're busy being stupid

KL was totally fabulous
as always
got some new facial products
can't wait to leave for PD tomorrow
Yes ppl, I'm going for church camp
the time spent with friends and frienemies
the cute couples hangin out on the beach at night
the new gossip sprouting
and of course
the new romances
my favourite part
I presently have 3 very full bags
for 3 days....
I'm not one for packing light
not to mention 4 pairs of shoes....
Stef's out for SUKMA for 10 days and she'll be gone till
next Sunday
Poor Stef
can't enjoy her holidays like the rest of us
My BFF is presently sunning by the beach as well
have fun while you can, lil Aishi
I've been rushing around like crazy these past few days!!
God, I'm sooo freakin busy

f.y.i. i luv it
x0x0, L

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
apparently it was a blast
congrats babe

Going to KL tomorrow
8 freakin a.m. bus...
Like I can even open my eyes before noon nowadays
Plans for tonight fell through but I'm trying to deal
Looking forward to cell phone hunting in KL
The o2 is my fav but I think I should look around
I only get one chance to get any phone I want
I'm not going to blow it
Not really very up and happy tonight though I should be
I mean I'm going to KL to hang with my totally cool godsis and godbros
But you know, it's just some little tick that's still lingering in my thoughts
My most recent obsession is Gossip Girl
Anyone who really knows me will have heard about it
It may be totally mean and bitchy
But it's extreamly interesting
Watched the new Indiana Jones today with Stef
Shia is sooooo hottt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But like I said
I'm just not having a very up and happy day

f.y.i. Yea, it could be your fault

x0x0, L

Monday, May 26, 2008

My most recent obsession

F.y.i it'll be mine by September....

x0x0, L

Sunday, May 25, 2008
I've finally realized what's been bothering me

I can't say much tonight without dumping out all my feelings
Which wouldn't be very fair to anyone
Maybe the time has come to make a decision
There are two choices and truthfully
I don't know which one will win
But I will say this
One out numbers the other by nearly a class

f.y.i. it's not my decision to make
x0x0, L

Every woman's righful obsession

Had alot going on the last 2 days.
Went to MP till 5.30 on Friday
Went home and left for Jusco at 6.00
Stayed at Jusco with Stef and Asha till 10
Then on Saturday I went to church at 2.00
Got EXTREAMLY wet because of water day trial
Stayed in church till 10 and almost went out for late night bowling
And my parents don't even care.
It's because I have keys now and that I'm with my 'responsible' friends
They trust some of my friends
Today I'm trying to think of things to do but failing horribly
I'll just go to the gym again.
5 hours people! Got to put in my 5 hours!
On Monday I probably have to go shopping again
I need more sunglasses (recent obsession)
I had that 'talk' with Asha n Stef I was so freakin worried abt
Turns out, it was just some really tiny but important things
Thanks guys, I'll try to work on that
Wanted to go to B's hse today but her dad's heading off to Sarawak
My 2 week holiday has started and I'm looking forward to being
extreamly busy
and making the most of every day
Isn't that what life's about in the first place?

f.y.i. Don't judge me. I have it harder than you think

Thursday, May 22, 2008
It's now 6.16 a.m.

I am still nervous about what will happen on Friday but
I'm positive it'll bring us all closer and I trust them
So, hopefully it benefits all of us

Aisyah and I have forgiven Khadijah because hey,
I really can't stay mad at someone for long...

Tomorrow is Friday...
I'm looking forward to it actually
Another thing I'm looking forward to is going out Friday night!
I'm a total night owl.
I way prefer going out at night

I've recently discovered the wonders of Gossip Girl
Yea, I've never watched it before this
I absolutely love it! 
Getting freaking addicted!
Everyone keeps telling me I'm like
Blair so I went to check it out
Turns out,
I am!!! But in a toned down way 
Not nearly that mean.

f.y.i. Blair's just misunderstood 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I tried to tell my mom the problem...
Unfortunately, she's like an older Khadijah
Immediately it was my fault,
I shouldn't have told Aisyah about my problem
Therefore making her call me
I should learn to accept critisism.
If only she knew how much I'd taken in over the last half a year...
So basically, I'm having a really crap day...

f.y.i. it's only 6.48a.m.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008
You've got me worried now.

REALLY worried and I'm in a place that's not pleasant
I have so many things to say to so many people now I really
don't know where to start
Three minutes of fighting, tears and hanging up, later...

You are a great godsis, sometimes.
Truthfully, you hurt me and Aisyah so much it's insane
Stop giving us crap advice
You make it sound like we're stupid for not knowing it ourselves
That it's our fault
That we deserved it
And that we're morons because we didn't think of a way to solve this sooner
Me and Aisyah are both crying right now and all you can do is sit there and
blame us
You say we need to grow up and that we're not mature enough
You are Aisyah's sister!
She doesn't need to hear all this shit from you
And when I called you that day I was really upset
What do you do?
You tell me my other friends actually hate me
I'm not humble enough
I'm immature
And I deserved everything I got
If you keep this up, I'm so not speaking to you

For my other two godsisters

I'm in a scary place now
You say we have to talk and that it'll be fine
if I keep an open mind....
You want to wait till Friday...
I can't wait that long!
I. Am. Scared.
I want to know now so that if you're gonna ditch me as a godsister
I'll know before the hols
You said it'll be good for me and that you wouldn't do anything to hurt me
'trust us' you said
I do.
But this is scary for me because the last time this happened it didn't end well

This is a very emotional blog for me
Because all this happened within the last half hour
Some within the last 5 minutes

I have made a decision
Khadijah, I am no longer speaking to you
and I'm taking Aisyah with me

Asha, I'll wait.
But only because I trust you
And I believe that we can work things out

f.y.i. I AM Blair Waldorf. Enuf said.

Monday, May 19, 2008
I'm happy
Because I finally have closure...
The kind that helped me forget all the previous problems
n focus on the positive future
For all those optimists around the world,
consider yourselves very lucky
I hope 2 stay positive and happy

we all know how long that lasts...

I lurve vanilla scented candles.

I was thinking about my ex friends again today and once again
a sense of empty-ness fell over me
I absolutely love my friends now
But they're always busy...
all the time
noone seems to understand it
they all think 'it can't be that bad' or
'go find something to do'
Well I've been finding things to do for a really really long time now
I want to be able to do things with other ppl
is that really to much to ask??

f.y.i. so far, my day sucked

How do I explain what I'm feeling right now?

I'm alone
I've learned not to rely on certain ppl because I have to face facts
Some ppl just can't be trusted
I used to have a group of girls around me at all times
I used to have my own friends who listened to me and
didn't make me feel
But suddenly I've been abandoned by my own clique.
Is that even possible?
Apparently, it is
Now I know the fakers from the real friends...
When did I dissapear?
When did u decide that I wasn't good enough for my own friends?
Don't forget, I created that fake personality of yours
I helped u turn into that bitch you seem to have become
I miss my friends...
The ppl I have something in common with.
I hate seeing the cliques in my church now because I know I  
don't belong in one anymore
The thing that hurts the most is that I created most of my ex friends'
mean attitudes
It's no longer Leah and gang
It's just Leah

f.y.i. Me, myself and I.....sucks

Sunday, May 18, 2008
I'm to confused to think straight
What am I going to do?
Noone really knows what's going on in school...
I'm still feelin pain from Friday...
Noone knows why
Here's a lil hint...
Sometimes a person runs
Just to see if anyone cares enough
to follow
Figure it out?
Then I call Khadijah who brings more bad news and pain
I honestly wish I wasn't Leah Lewis right now...


f.y.i. The whole runnin to see who follows? Doesn't work at all

Monday, May 12, 2008
Yes, yes.
I've been gone for a while.
But I'm having examz so what to do?
So far it's fine.
Tomorrow is English(EASY) and Accounts
I'm confident about the objective
But the actual calculating and all...
Not so cool
I'm going for church camp soon and I want to have some new outfits for the occasion
Hopefully, my gorgeous mom will agree and hand out more cash
being slightly plump, which I am
I can't wear alot of the stuff I really want to
But, nothing else to do but exercise and work on my diet
Hopefully, by my sweet sixteen
I'll be in much better shape.

Friday, May 9, 2008
Daily obsession~Highlighting my hair
Affirmation~Everything about you is crutial to how people see you,
especially your shoes

I am highlighting my hair people!!!
I'm going blonde
Seriously can't wait
Plannin on going to do it at Meglio with B so she can cut her hair
Examz went well
I think
Nothing much planned for the weekend.
Hopin to go hang at Jonker Walk with some fwens
Church on Sunday and then off to the gym for 5 freakin hours of personal trainer
Examz again.....

Thursday, May 8, 2008
Daily obsession~ODM watches
Affirmation~When life gives you lemons, add some glitter and cream and make
lemon glitter body scrub!!!!

yes people, I have examz comin up.
Lyk tomorrow!!!
So, I'm basically at crunch time now. Scared to death is more like
Just got a gift of RM300 from my parents for absolutely
no reason
Thinkin of gettin the new ODM watch.
You know, the 1 that's soooo chic right now?
Obviously, I'd get it in pink...
but the black and the white ones are super haute too...
oh well, I'll decide at the mall
Latest love?
Run The Show by Kat Deluna
Take A Bow by Rihanna
Hurry Up by Chenelle
I gtg
Studying again!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008
Danity Kane=LOVE

I admit I'm kinda down right now but I have glitter so I'm gettin better
We watched Night At The Museum at church today
SOOO old but I liked the movie
We're havin a farwell party for Audrey later so that shud be funn
Going shoppin AGAIN with mom tomorrow
OMG!! Retouch My Body is soooo hillarious!!!
Yes, REtouch My Body
It's so funny I love it!!!

f.y.i I wasn't invited to her farewell party...as usual

Friday, May 2, 2008
My obsession with glitter has NOT toned down
Not in the least
Ask anyone, even when I'm depressed, there's usually something glittery on me
Glitter and shimmer
My two favourite colours.
If only they were actual colours. Hahaha
Wen Lin's comin over tomorrow mui early to help me study
such a sweetheart to help me out
I'll even be dragging her to church like 3 hours early because I have pratice
How nice is she right?
Then B's comin over on Sunday, hopefully!!
Saw some pics of my cheer squad and I'm still high on our win
My squad really deserved it after all they've been put through
Well, most of them that is
I was a lil bit out of sorts lately so I went to Coffee Bean to have a Vanilla Ice Blended
Those things really work wonders.
Every woman should drink one every morning, just to help get in a great mood
I practically do. Hahaha
But I know coffee isn't good for me so I've toned it down a bit
Still planing my Sweet Sixteen
It is SOOO hard to decide where to have it
who to invite
what theme to have
Sometimes I just feel like having a small get together with my BFFs....
NAH!!! This is me!
Everything must be extravagent and big
That's how I work
Do it right or
Go home

Coffee Bean also gets honourable mention for helpin me be positive
Newest obsession today??
It's soooo chic
NEVER goes out of style, babes
And I have a new kind of therapy
The Devil Wears Prada
It's a natural uplifter to me
I can't wait to be set free after school today!

Thursday, May 1, 2008
So many people have told me that I've recently become more mature
And that I've become more positive
How sweeettt!!!
Truthfully, I was so beyond happy when they mentioned it
Because I feel alot better about myself
But I have to give them credit as well
I wouldn't have been able to become optimistic if it wasn't for their natural optimism
Yes, my fabulous friends have a natural glow about them
They're all positive as hell
Optimistic beyond all belief
And are total dahlings!!
So thanks babies,
you've been fantastic