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Sunday, September 28, 2008
I know,
you're all thrilled...

1 week off before the examz...
Okay, so anyone who knows me
knows I have an obsession with celebs...
Don't ask
I'm not a stalker people!!!
but I have recently compiled a list of the
most beautiful women
hottest guys
But I can't really tell the world so I have
no right
to put it on ma bloggie
My bday was okay...
nothing really great but I had
alot of celebration before the actual date
Cat, Clover and I plan on going out this Friday
n get another piercing...
top part of the ear...
Crazy impulse but my mom doesn't seem to care...
she's just happy I'm over my obsession
with gettin a navel piercing
It's been sooo hot lately
Literally, school was really really hard to go to
last week
N I've been usin buckets of moisturiser
love it...
hate havin to put it on...
Been havin some problems with sleeping lately
who knows why???
So I now have lovely dark panda eyes...
no need for eyeliner anymore

p.s.I have no will to update much anymore...

x0x0, L

Monday, September 22, 2008
I'm SOOO NOT HAPPY right now

What do you do when u realize that the people you really
trust as friends...
have been backstabbing you all along???

p.s. ouch

Just shoot me.......
Take a gun
and pull the trigger

Bad day...
sort of
Aisyah's dad is in hospital
which makes me totally sad for her
And makes me feel bad for wantin her to hang with me
I feel selfish about it and mean
But I can't help it
Lately, I've been finding it hard to tell people
Who knows why...
I DO!!!!!!
Not like I'm telling anyway...

p.s. wait...tomorrow's my bday??????
x0x0, L

Sunday, September 21, 2008
Your eyes are the brightest of all the colours
I don't wanna ever love another
You'll always be my thunder

I blame emo-boy for infecting me
Go murder him for it
Bhakti, Stef, Asha n JW set up this
suprise party for me
It was sooo great
They even knew to take me to the beach!!!
But of course, the beach brought back
memories of church camp...
Things change so fast don't they?
Thanks sooo much, you guys!
It was literally the sweetest thing ever!
I heart all of you

p.s. why can't I let go of you?
x0x0, L

Monday, September 15, 2008
la dolce vita!
A Sweet Life

KL was fabulous
Jax, B and I all went from
Lot 10 to
Pavillion to
and everywhere in between
bought lots of great stuff
I found the book I was looking for
SOOO great
How did I live before them??
Stef n Asha are still havin their trials
and will be till the 22nd if I'm not mistaken
the lack of talking with them
is having a horrible effect
I miss chatting with them
but what to do?
Studies come first!!!
I know I haven't been very descriptive lately
And I haven't been posting much
that's because I don't really have much to say
I mean, nothing
horrific is happening in my life now
It's just
calm and smooth
and as boring as that sounds,

I'm quite enjoying the peace

p.s. Always be the star
of your own movie
x0x0, L

Thursday, September 11, 2008
Who will I be?
Yes, I believe
I can make the future what I want to

I haven't been updating much lately
Because I'm wayy busy with school
Soo many things to do.
Camp Rock was so so great
I loved it
Nick looked SOOOOO freaking cute!!!!!!
Joe was hott, as usual
And even Kevin looked good with straightened hair
And I really think Demi Lovato is a wayyy better singer
than Miley Cyrus.
I mean, she's only 16 but that girl has a voice!
So great
Lately, things have been going really well for me

Dunno why

p.s. Yes, I'm happy. Deal with it
x0x0, L

Wednesday, September 3, 2008
If you can dream,
and not make dreams your master,

I've already decided on the camera I'm getting
I'm going to buy it on the 19th
with my friends
Then, we're going 'out'
I would just like to say good luck to all the form 5s,
Make IJC proud
But it's sad that some of my closest friends will be having
their trial right smack during my birthday
So they can't really have fun
Oh well.
Okay, so saying that I'm totally confident that
all my friends in form 5 will do brilliantly
would be lying.
They're all really really smart and they're all
straight A students but
I just hope they get what they want
I'm gonna really miss them next year..
after they've all graduated...
But at least I'll be a senior.
Freshmen, beware...
nah, I don't pick on younger kids
I enjoy helping them out
Dunno why
Maternal instincts??
people have been asking me what I want for my sweet 16,
but I really don't like to tell people what to buy me
It's not how I was raised
I believe no matter what it is,
As long as it came with

p.s. it's always the thought that counts.

If you can keep your head,
when all are losing thiers,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
I wish I could say the words you want to hear
But I can't lie

I won't just go around blabbing
about what's happening in my life anymore
It's probably gotten me in more trouble than anything
I dunno what to say now
I can't find the words to really express what I'm thinking
I find that No Air by Jordin Sparks n Chris Brown
is very soothing now though

Maybe that's it

I just love a song with meaningful lyrics

p.s. I am so so sorry

we ended at the clocktower

Jax, doing what she does best while looking great

In the dressing room

Even MNG got a piece of our camwhoring

My hot lil sis

I heart Joss


Prove it then

Don't lie if u have nth to back it up with
Garrett really needs to learn to keep him trap
Went shopping with Jax n Joss yesterday
We can hang anywhere
It's not where u are hon,
it's who your with.

We cam whored abit
see above
n hung at ZEN.
Let me just say, to those losers in st. David or IJC
who keep bashing Jax,
We all know ur jealous
She's gorgeous, smart and so so sweet
U actually have to TRY to be cool while she does it
She's never done anything to you so stop being so totally
lifeless and focus on making yourselves
less pathetic.
Okay, now that I'm done with that,
since I've already recieved my darling new phone
I've decided to splurge on a new Camera!!!
Since I'm such the camwhore
Been checking out the latest Sonys
I'm loving the T2 even though it's abt 10 months young
Jax has the identical one
So we'll match
I'm also planning on spending a day up in KL
with B n shopping lyk hell
I have major exams coming up after ma BDay so
Study study study
But I'll take pics while doing it

p.s. Obviously, the camera will be PINK
x0x0, L