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Thursday, February 28, 2008
The cheerleadin competition is in 5 weeks! I'm so royally screwed. SHITTT!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to die, if we lose, blue hse might lose and if they lose Stef gets the blame.......

Sunday, February 24, 2008
I can't describe it, but I can honestly tell you that to me, a friend and a godsib, are way different. TO ME THAT IS. I lurve my friends but I tend to love all my godsibs more. That's just how it is for me. And for those of you who think it's pointless or stupid cuz you can't tell the difference between the two, you either a. have real siblings, or b. don't truely truely understand the concept between the two. I actually pity you...♥

Okay, so I had some left ova cash from CNY so I decided to spend it at Roxy. I also wanted the Roxy Preffered card. U can only get it if you spend over RM300. But when I got there turns out it was having a sale so even if I spent lyk RM500 there I couldn't get the card. I was kinda pissed but I bought a purse anyway. It's leather and really really nice. I'm going back after the sales are over so I can get the card. There's a concert thingie on the 7th of March but I dunno if I should go. I want to but all my friends are going with thier own gang, where's my gang?? 
They don't go for these kinda things. Sucks I know. But I still lurve them so whateva!
I've so gotta get more freakin fwens. My really really close friends are all kinda....I wouldn't say 
boring but they don't even hang at the mall......
Haizz....... ♥

Friday, February 22, 2008
That's me. I'll abmit it, I'm naturally a very bitchy person. Hehehe. I'm kinda pissed off right now cuz that freakin hairdresser went n cut my fringe WAAAYYYY to short. I miss my old hair!!!! I look lyk one of those very very chinese girls now!!!!!. OMG!
Whatever anyway, have you heard of Leona Lewis?She is an absolutely fab singer. THE GIRL HAS TALENT PPL!!!! Listen to some of her songs on youtube. Espescially Bleeding Love. She's my new fav singer. And she sounds even better live! It's difficult to find a singer like that.
Nothing much to say today actually.

Thursday, February 21, 2008
How does it feel to know you have someone there for you no matter what?
How does it feel to be confident in almost everything you do?
How does it feel to be totally relaxed and happy with life?
What's it like to sleep more than 5 hours?
What's it like to NOT have your friggin cheerleaders' moms calling you?
What's it like to not doubt your friendships sometimes?
Is it nice to have good grades?
Is it nice to have parents that keep thier word?
Is it nice to have a talent?

N Ailyn, I'm SOOOOO pissed with you!♥

Monday, February 18, 2008
New decision!! The old me? Gone! I'm gonna change to embrace who I really am. 
If you wanna tell me to go back to my country,
I'll happily take McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, ur Mercedess, ur BMWs n all the other
AMERICAN stuff with me.
You keep forgetting, I belong here just as much as you.
Isn't that what Malaysia is about? Being a united country?
Living in peace and harmony? Yea, those who don't follow that, you can go back to YOUR
The chinese came from China originally, the indians, India and the Malays....
well, they can stay. They ain't as rasist as SOME chinese.
But whatever, I ain't gonna listen anymore. As long as my mother was born here
and ppl want me to stay, I'll be here for a long time.
Deal with it
And the girl who used to care abt those stupid gals with fat mouths?
She's gone too. I no longer care what comes out of ur lying mouth.
As long as my real friends don't believe it and I know the truth,
I'll be fine
The gal who used to be insecure and jealous?
I may not have all the stuff you have but I also have things you don't
I'm not sayin I'm luckier, we're just equal. N I now strongly believe
That I Can Do Anything If I Put My Mind To It.
Advice to those with these problems?
Remember who u are. Remember that you have the right to be yourself
Who is to judge you but yourself and God?
If you let other's words get under your skin,
   Shame on you

Saturday, February 16, 2008
I'm a strong believer that there is no 'no' in my world. There is no 'no', 'I don't think so' or 'Not possible'.
There is only 'hell no' and that's what I'll be sayin if you say no to me.

I also believe that u can do anything if you put your mind to it.
you can to it in 5 inch heels

Okay. I'm just gonna update you on what's been happening.

1. I LUV the song Good Girl Gone Bad by Rihanna.
2. I'm hopin to get a new digital cam
3. I have a photoshoot on the 23rd
4. I wasted all my CNY money on cheerleading stuff
5. I've become obsessed with rinestones
6. Camille (my dog) is soon to be pregnant
7. I HATE schoool
8. I've decided that I luv glitter
9. I'm not talking to Garrett
10. I'm pissed with 5 ppl


Thursday, February 14, 2008
But to tell the truth, I really couldn't care less. My friends and fabulous godsisters have helped me realize that in the long run, I'll probably end up with less heartbreaks and messy relationships.
This post is for all those single ladies out there!!!! Props babies!

Some ppl say that being single is a bad thing when I think it deserves the highest respect. WE are smart enough not to get into stupid relationships at such a young age and we know better than to fall for a guy we've only known for 2 weeks n saying 'I luv him!!' and then breaking up 2 days later. Honestly, who's better off???? Most guys at this age(not all) are immature and like to play the field. None of them really want a girlfriend so that they can have some1 to luv(lyk most girls do), but they want something to show off and be proud off since they ain't older enough to buy a car and a cell phone costs more. And 90% of the time thier confused abt who to like n they tend to have 3 or 4 gals at once and doesn't mind of they ALL have boyfriends. And another thing I've noticed abt some Chinese guys(no offense, I said SOME!!), they tend to walk abt twenty steps behind the freakin girl and both the guy and girl are with thier own friends and aren't talking, just smsing and they call that a freakin date???!!!! That is soooooo MESSED UP!! That just proves that it's all for show and popularity. If u REALLY like someone you don't walk twenty steps behind them and just CAN'T not talk to them. And another thing, they also luv to ask girls to be thier girlfriends after like 3 conversations via sms. I mean for goodnesssake!!!!!!! That's just plain stupid....Now, again I ask, who's better off? The single gal? Or the one's in realationships? (UNless ur relationship is perfect and has no problems whatsoever. Then I salute u girl!)

Monday, February 11, 2008
To the guys(not just the ones I liked)

The older brother♥I thought I liked you as more than that but I've realized it was more as a sibling
Over It
The 'Hottie'♥Ahh, every girl wanted you. I thought I did to. Took me 3 days to find a new crush
Over It
The Younger Brother♥I'm always here for you and I tried my hardest to help. But u didn't help me
Over It
The 'Heartbreaker'♥Another that every girl wants. Unfortunately, I'm not perfect enough
Over It
The Liar♥The realationship-that-never-happened lasted 2 weeks, getting-over-it lasted 2 years

For the ladies!♥

The Besties♥I lurve you guys so much! Thanks fot always being there for me
Over It doesn't sound right here. Lolz!
The Fakers♥PFs! Pretend friends! I'm still not sure y u pretned. I don't need u
Over It
The Frienemies♥We pretend to like each other. Yea, I'm done with that
Over It
The Meanies♥You try to find my problems. Do you have nothing else to do
Over It
The Enemies♥You hate me, I hate you, why can't we stay away from each other??
Over It

For the Godsisters! (I really felt this needed it's own catigory)♥ 

The Trusted One♥You're always there for me and you understand my problems
Thank You
The Sweeties♥You 2 are always there to give me support and tell me how fabulous u think I am
Thank You
The Solider♥You put me in my place but also help me keep cheerleaders in line
Thank You
The Theripist♥You always listen to me and understand with your heart and try ur best to help
Thank You
The 'Miss Cool'♥You are a great GS but sometimes you forget others when you get a new friend
But Thank You Anyway

I wrote this to all those who REALLY KNOW ME! If you read this, you should know ur catigory
But this shows you really did make an impact on my life. Good or bad,
You all taught me a great lesson

Okay, so the whole optimistic thing goes down the drain. How can I be optimistic when 60% of my friends don't really care? When people are constantly waiting for u to mess up? When people are trying to find things to use against you? When school sucks worse than ever? When you're losing some of your best friends? When you fall for all the wrong guys? When one of them hates you so much but likes your frienimie? Then lies to his sister and tells her he actually hates your frienemie and doesn't talk to her? But you saw it with your own eyes? When you wish you could end the friendship you cherish the most because it's beginning to hurt?
Yes, I realize I whine alot and I always 'think to much', but it isn't that simple.
I'm sorry to all those who I've troubled and didn't have the courage to tell me.
I'm sorry to those people I've hurt with my words or actions.
I'm sorry for being a spoiled brat and giving the ilusion that I can't take advice.
And finally, I'm sorry for always running to you.
Because I know it puts a burden on your shoulders.♥

Saturday, February 2, 2008
Sometimes I wonder, who can one lurve pink as much as Moi and not be naturally optimistic?? Therefore, I've decided (after tons of advice from fab friends) that I'm gonna try to be more optimistic and care less abt what ppl think or say abt me. I'm sure I'll be wayyy happier that way. Hahaha. I'm also taking my cues from Imogene from my absolute FAVOURITE books, A Girl Like Moi and Project Paris. If you like my blog, you're gonna LURVE these books. And the new book is coming out later this year, Accidently Fabulous. Lisa Barham is the incredible author of these books and I happen to know her(thank you Myspace!). But she's a doll and I can see how she gives Imogene life. So, how m I planning on making this HUGE change?? Simple, when I get stressed or worked up, I'll just think of my happy things, like Pink, Imogene, Tom Felton(such a freaking hottie), Ashley Tisdale, texting, shopping and cell phones. Or just a fabulous parellel universe with nothing but Versace, Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and great designers alike.
So, wish me luck babies! ♥♥♥